Australia: 12/170 North Road, Woodridge, QLD
PNG: P.O Box 6228, Boroko

AUS: +617 3209 4985

PNG: +675 7211 1118

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about  trakpro

GPS tracking systems

Trakpro®provides quality GPS tracking devices for vehicles and telematics solutions to both large and small sized fleets or personal vehicles across Australia. All our products make use of high-tech GPS tracking equipment, the Internet and other wireless communications that make real-time monitoring of information such as vehicle or valuable asset positions possible.

The GPS fleet management products we supply at Trakpro® are being used by thousands of happy customers all over Australia and PNG to keep track of their vehicles and possessions, frequently reporting back vital information to the customer. Founded on the best practices of Australian industry, our GPS fleet monitoring solutions offer a large diversity of options that can help your business where you need it to. Built-in technologies such as GPS tracking, boundary mapping and advanced telemetry contribute greatly to finding out a driver’s status, two-way messaging between driver-dispatch and a turn-by-turn navigation system. All the information is sent directly to the client, or anyone in the business who requires it.

We offer customers the ability to better understand their day-to-day business at ground level. Our telematics technology lets the customer take back control by providing all the necessary data and tools to effectively reduce wasteful behaviours, dramatically improve vehicle and worker efficiency and cut needless costs, which overall lead to increased company profits. These efficiencies are combined with our first-class vehicle maintenance services to give clients Australia’s most user-friendly and informative fleet tracking management system.


we offer

Trakpro® provides powerful end-to-end telematics solutions and is the resource management system of choice by leading local and international corporations.



At Trakpro, we:

  • Provide our clients with an all-round expert service.
  • Employ friendly and capable staff to work for us.
  • Listen to what clients need- and find them the right product.
  • Always know the latest technologies in GPS tracking.
  • Do what we say we’re going to do.
  • Only use high-quality materials for long-lasting products.
  • Ensure our prices are competitive.

Our  company

"Our mission is to make your mobile workforce more effective - and help them share in the successes gained by applying technology." Managing Director Ash Phayer

In GPS tracking, you hear plenty of talk about systems, solutions and technology. Years of experience with our clients fleets has taught me that this stuff ends up sitting on a shelf if the company behind it isn't committed to our success over the long haul. That's why Trakpro was designed to provide a GPS tracking service - not to sell a commodity.

But if you're anything like me, you're probably wondering - "But why should I become a Trakpro customer?" I'd suggest the following four reasons:

  • Our Promise

    We do business differently. Before you invest in Trakpro, we put you in a position to be sure - based on your own experience - that we can help you succeed.

  • Our Approach

    We don't outsource our responsibilities. We test and retest our hardware and make sure it does what we say it can do, and we are consistently developing our software on the recommendations from what our clients want to see. We sell it, service it and support it ourselves. In short - we leave nothing to chance.

  • Our Leadership

    We've been building businesses for many years, and taking it to new heights. We understand what matters and what doesn't.

  • Our Customers

    We serve many of customers from $1M businesses to $2B corporations. All of them are just like you - they need to increase revenue and cut costs, and Trakpro helps them get it done.

  • Our Business

    There are lots of ways to cut corners. Somebody will always be cheaper. You see it in your industry, and we see it in ours. But we won't expose our customers' success to the whims of third-parties that thrive on "transactions" rather than on long-term relationships.

    Why do over 95% of our customers renew their contracts? They recognise that how we deliver our services is specifically designed to help them be better competitors in their markets. They agree that our approach pays much greater dividends long after a discounted price is forgotten. We win because we enable them to win.