ADAS (Assisted Driver Assistance Systems)

Innovative dual-camera ADAS system, one camera for forward collision avoidance and another for driver face state recognition.

Forward Collision Avoidance System

FCW - Forward Collision Warning
PCW - Pedestrian Collision Warning
LDW - Lane Departure Warning

Driver Face State Detection

  • Driver eye closed warning
  • Driver yawn warning
  • Driver distracted warning
  • Driver smoking warning
  • Driver on the phone warning
  • Driver absence warning


  • Enhance fleet safety
  • Improve driving behavior
  • Cut down fuel consumption
  • Reduce insurance costs


  • Professional level advanced driver assistance systems
  • 4G connected
  • Artificial vision based driver face state detection
  • Deep driver behavior analysis

ADAS Technologies

Vehicle Detection
Pedestrian Detection
Lane Detection Driver
Face State Detection
Night Vision
360 Degree Surround View
Blind Spot Monitor