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Products - Fleet Message Dispatch

Fleet Message Dispatch

Drivers fumbling around with maps and searching for numbers are a thing of the past with Trakpro technology, increasing both driver efficiency and driving quality. Cut out wasteful driving practices and upgrade your fleet’s productivity by getting more done in less time. At Trakpro, fleet management and vehicle navigation is our area of expertise, and by combining our devices with integrated Garmin technology gives reassurance that we supply only the best equipment to our valued clients. The devices are able to give voice-guided directions turn-by-turn to drivers and also the ability to send quick text messages from driver to dispatch.

Many GPS tracking companies offer the same generic "system". No one offers a more powerful and in-depth GPS fleet tracking solution than Trakpro. Compare us and see!


The combination of Trakpro fleet tracking and Garmin will obviously help your drivers with navigation and routing. But the benefits to your organization don't end there, especially in light of legislation banning the usage of mobile while driving commercial and personal vehicles. The convenience and flexibility of these technologies can make your entire operation more productive, from the home office out into the field.

4 benefits of integrating Garmin™ for your fleet message dispatching:


Reduce confusion in the field. How often do your drivers fumble with maps or call in to get directions? What impact would it have on your bottom line if every one of your field workers added a half hour of on-site work time per day, without adding any payroll hours? It prevents calls being unanswered and there is a vast reduction in time wastage and appointments that have to be missed- everything is sent straight to the dashboard unit. When you send information to the driver, you can know for sure that it has been read by the driver.


Share the value of GPS with your employees. When you provide on-board navigation to your drivers, you're not just helping them get to their jobs more easily: you’re giving them the benefits GPS has to offer. Employees will quickly see the devices do not have a negative impact, and they can come to depend on it as a tool that reduces time in traffic, facilitates safe and reliable communication with the home office, and improves their individual performance records.


Enhance your customers' experience. The combined power of Trakpro and Garmin means you can give your customers accurate, realtime ETAs and easily communicate any last-minute instructions to your field workers via simple, desktop-to-dashboard text messaging. You can easily dispatch the closest driver and get them to their jobs with minimal delay, further solidifying your reputation for punctual and high-quality service.


Turn down the volume for your dispatchers. Even if you are already using a GPS tracking service for your fleet, your dispatchers still need to get a hold of your field workers and communicate important information to them. With Trakpro and Garmin, this can all be done right from your computer screen without ever having to call someone's mobile phone. The noise and confusion in your office is greatly reduced - not to mention your mobile phone bill. It's another way that Trakpro not only saves you money, but provides you with something even more important: peace of mind.

"With Trakpro, the customer location is dispatched right to my Garmin, fleet management has never been easier. I can just click and go. I love how easy it is"

Trakpro uses the latest technologies to deliver user-friendly platforms to all our customers, which can be customised exactly to your needs. Unlike other GPS tracking businesses, we value our customer feedback and it drives us to improve not only our hardware and software, but our business practices in general. As we have close contact with leading names in the GPS tracking industry, we are the first to know of any new developments of technology in this sector.