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Products - Fleet Tracking


live gps trackingThe GM170 (3G) is a cost effective, intelligent fleet tracking unit, which can be trusted upon for all tracking applications. Thanks to its two highly sensitive GPS antennas, both internal and external, the device can be fitted just about anywhere in the vehicle giving the dual benefit of an inexpensive and quicker installation. Irresponsible and costly driver behaviours such as constant hard breaking or accelerating aggressively are registered on the GM170s innovative 3D accelerometer, which also monitors and records any accidents the vehicle may be involved in.

Hardware Options
Standard = (S) Advanced Option = (O)

  • An RFID Driver ID Reader which lets you know when the vehicle is started who is driving. Also, you can bring an up a report on what vehicles the driver has driven and the trips performed. (O)
  • Use the Camera to see live what is happening when an event is trigger such as the ignition is started on the vehicle. (O)
  • Need help fast, use a duress button to let everyone know quickly. (O)
  • Know when the Ignition is ON / OFF (S)
  • Monitor the Odometer (S)
  • Receive Service and registration renewals (S)
  • Receive Alerts for Speeding, when the vehicle moves, Idling excessively and more. (S)
  • See the Vehicle's location, heading and current speed (S)
  • Reports, tracks and device Data is stored for up to 12 months (S)
  • The system will identify when a driver is speeding, braking and cornering harshly. Receive an alert if this occurs. (O)
  • Someone has stolen your vehicle, turn on the engine disable feature from your computer (O)
  • Have you locked the keys in the car, then remotely unlock the doors with the door unlocked feature (O)
  • Want greater coverage, we can connect a tough, high gain antenna to this tracking device. This can extend the range of up to 50 km in remote area's where Telstra 3G coverage is limited. (O)
  • Record the RPM's in your vehicle (O)
  • Get the speed and kilometres directly from your vehicle with the VSS monitoring (O)
  • Additional Fuel Sensor (O)
  • Antenna ports for High Gain Antenna for low coverage areas (O)