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Products - Fleet Tracking


GPS tracking devices for cars The simplest way to keep track of a vehicle, without concern over the battery running out, is by using the GM550. This handy device can be plugged directly into the vehicles OBD-II (On Board Diagnostic) port. Since 1996, all motor vehicles sold in Australia have this port fitted- usually located under the dash at the driver’s side. You can use this port to provide a constant power supply to the tracking devices we manufacture.

When changing vehicles, the portable OBD GPS tracker can be easily removed and placed in another car effortlessly- no tools required. This is in contrast to the old trackers that are permanently fixed to the vehicle. It’s entirely "plug and play", and it takes less than a minute to install.

Advantages of the GM550
  • Portable design allows for easy transfer between vehicles- no expensive installation necessary
  • Delivers automatic updates of vehicle location and status every minute
  • Plugged directly into the vehicle’s own power, it will never run out of battery
  • Instant alerts if the device is tampered with or unplugged
  • Powered by Trakpro’s first-class Security Tracking Platform
  • Allows vehicle to be found immediately if ever lost or stolen

Our advanced Tracking Platform provides real-time vehicle updates every minute on the Standard Plan, or every 30 seconds on the Professional Plan, It’s vitally important to be in control of your business, knowing where vehicles are at any given moment makes a huge difference in terms of day-to-day efficiency and the overall productivity of companies. When the GM550 is active in a vehicle, you and other employees such as dispatchers can view exactly where the vehicle is, obtain a detailed route history and monitor any changes in the vehicle’s activities- from anywhere you have an internet connection! Sophisticated geo-fences can be established which alert you immediately via text or e-mail when vehicles fitted with the GM550 leave or enter designated zones. Keeping up with the fast-moving field of modern technology, Trakpro allows you to access all this information and more instantly, through an internet-enabled PC, smartphone or tablet; there’s no need to download any apps, it’s all right there in front of you.


The GM550 features many design benefits, including an 8MB memory, a micro USB port and a real-time internal clock. Functioning with a 8V ~ 20VDC power supply and quad-band GMS capabilities, the polycarbonate casing is extremely durable and the device can effectively operate anywhere between -25°C and +75°C. To assist in the conservation of power, the unit can be placed in one of three modes- Normal operating mode, Sleep mode and Deep Sleep mode for prolonged periods of inactivity. An inbuilt back-up power supply is also ready to kick in when mains power is off. The device is built with a 3-axis motion detector and a G-sensor.

The device is not too big and it’s dimensions are 50 x 46 x 25 mm.