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Products - Personal Trackers


GPS auto tracking Do you have loved one’s that you can’t be with all the time but want to know if they get into trouble that you are able to assist them straight away? The GM70 is a GPS personal tracker for the elderly, children, patients and lone workers. This personal tracker is light in weight at only 65 grams and is only 8cms long and 4cms wide. It can be hung round your neck or can be carried in your pocket or purse. With a long battery life, the GM70 is capable of tracking people, assets for many days in most locations in Australia and PNG. As optional extras, you can add an external battery so the device is able to keep track of them longer. As well the device will give you an alert by email if the battery is low. The device can be charged like most devices on the market from a wall socket or can be plugged into the vehicle's lighter socket to keep it charged on the run.

This device has our dual tracking mode which helps you get a location of the device in the areas when there is no GPS signal available, this is handy when the person is inside a building or parking lot. The GM70 personal tracker also has an inbuilt SOS button, if the SOS button is pressed for 3 seconds the device will beep and vibrate and will call the first pre programmed phone number automatically as well as sending its location by SMS and email. This will give the ability to talk to the person in trouble and they can talk back to you just like a mobile phone. At the same time a number of people know that there is something wrong and where the person is in trouble and needs their help.

The GM70 personal tracker is IP65 which means its water resistant and has been tested by placing a water nozzle spraying at least 12.5 liters per minute at the GM70 from any direction for at least 3 minutes and from 3 meters, now that’s impressive.

This device is small , tough and feels durable. If you are after a device that will protect the people you care about than you can not go past the GM70 personal tracking device from Trakpro.

  • Big SOS button.
  • Two way communication.
  • Long Battery life.
  • Alerts by SMS, Email and Phone Call.
  • IP65 Water Resistant.
  • Small in size.
  • Light Weight.
  • GPS location transmitted.
  • Dual tracking mode.