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Popular Misguided Beliefs About GPS Tracking

Whilst doing research on GPS tracking for your business, you may have come across online or thought of a number of reasons why NOT to get it. The benefits of GPS tracking far outweigh the disadvantages, so Trakpro would like to clear up any misconceptions you might have. The ‘myths’ listed here are commonly brought up by customers when considering GPS, and data is included from independent and client experience- as well as research conducted by third-parties in the field.


We’ve only got a small company, therefore GPS tracking is not suitable for us.

GPS tracking technology is employed for a wide range of uses, from tracking a single item or vehicle to an entire cargo shipment or fleet. The benefits remain the same whether is for tracking one object or even one thousand- real-time data for every aspect of your ground-level operations that is instantly accessible to you. GPS assists in getting more work done faster and more efficiently- know immediately where vehicles are or where they’ve been at the click of a button. Small companies making an investment in GPS tracking services can expect a quick return, with extra jobs completed daily thanks to enhanced efficiency and a reduction in overall operational costs. A speedy, real-time response to customers spreads positive news about your company, which in turn leads businesses to expand and grow with increased profits. Taking the step to cutting-edge GPS technology for your business, either for a few service technicians or whole delivery fleets, allows you to maximise field operations with improved location and status data about all vehicles and workers.


There’s no way my business can afford to splash out on a high-tech GPS system.

In these tough economic times, we know any decisions about investing in your company are hard ones that have to be carefully weighed up. Tracking technology uses a GPS device in all fleet vehicles and a matching application where the crucial information transmitted back from the device can be viewed in the office or by dispatchers. Trakpro GPS systems are tried and tested, proven to be effective in the identification of inefficiencies and wasteful behaviours that slowly drain money from your company in hundreds or thousands of dollars each month. Small holes can sink large ships, so our services ensure that little problems don’t add up to bigger ones- excessive overtime, fuel consuming routes to and from deliveries, any side trips during work, unnecessary engine idling and careless driving practises cost your company money every work day. Profits that are fed back into paying for these costly activities are in many cases much higher than the monthly investment in GPS tracking technologies would be. Within the first weeks and months after GPS installation, the vast majority of our clients get a return on their investment thanks to such immediate benefits as decreased fuel consumption and maintenance expenses across the fleet and subsequent lowered premiums on their insurance.


Why do we need GPS tracking when we already use mobile phones/UHF?

Mobile phones and UHF are great for communication, when there’s adequate signal, but it cannot provide data that enables companies to effectively and efficiently manage their fleet- instant knowledge of a vehicle or asset’s location, status reports on the engine and other components, a record of all start/stop times. Other important information such as vehicle mileage, fuel use or driver speeding issues can also be monitored and fed back to you- allowing you to make cost-effective improvements to ‘tune-up’ all fleet vehicles and reduce needless waste. Disadvantages of mobiles and handheld devices are that they can be turned off or ignored quite easily, left lying around and are easily damaged if dropped. When they do work they’re usually with an employee, so you can at best only track staff and not your customer’s cargo or company assets.


We trust our employees- there’s no need to track them.

Trakpro GPS devices are not solely focused on tracking every movement of your workforce, but rather centred towards assisting companies to reduce their wastefulness and overall costs of operation. These in turn expand your business efficiency in all sectors- dispatch, admin, management not to mention great benefits for the drivers themselves. Reduced fuel and upkeep costs for vehicles are a product of more efficient route planning system and sensitive monitors for vehicle components. It makes drivers safer and more secure during work hours, and responses to client questions are quicker and more precise.


Employees will leave the company when we get GPS tracking.

Years of customer feedback have shown this not to be the case. Once acquainted with the technology and the unique benefits it provides, workers quickly realise the importance of GPS for a variety of reasons and come to depend on its usefulness. The wide range of applications of GPS for drivers is clear- route planning from start point to end destination, real-time location for breakdown assistance, verification of completed assignments, less laborious paperwork and greatly heightened security for both drivers and cargo. These are only a few of the GPS monitoring benefits that are specific to drivers, and many of these are disregarded in the decision process for GPS tracking.


Installing and using GPS tracking systems is difficult and complicated.

The majority of fleet monitoring systems are made up of two parts: the GPS receiver in the vehicle and the corresponding software to report and show essential data. The software can be installed and used on the office computer where your dispatch is based. Both are user-friendly and Trakpro devices can be installed in no time at all- once it’s set up, that’s it, no more fussing and fumbling around.