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Know where your most important equipment is at all times. GPS asset tracking systems from Trakpro offer you the opportunity to reduce your business’ overheads and be a more responsible corporate citizen. Every good decision is an informed one; get the information you need with Brisbane’s top fleet management systems from Trakpro.


Our GPS asset tracking systems offer companies across Australia a number of benefits beyond simply knowing your equipment isn’t being misused. Shipping companies installing Trakpro products have a very effective way to reduce their drivers’ speeding or make them more responsible.


You’ll be able to plan more efficient routes for your vehicles resulting in lower fuel and maintenance costs and a greater profit for you and your team. You’ll also have cast-iron knowledge of your driver’s speed, location and fuel consumption in the event of any legal issues. Employers can also monitor their workers and manage their fatigue while on the road better. Protect your employees and your company with Trakpro.


In the event of the worst-case scenario – an expensive shipment stolen or lost – its’ now very easy to find out exactly where your valuables are headed. Whether you use our GPS asset tracking and fleet management units to protect an individual container or to monitor the movements of a boat or truck, you’ll be satisfied with our reliable equipment.


Asset tracking and GPS systems from a Brisbane expert

Since 2010 Brisbane’s Trakpro has offered people around the country greater insight into the way their businesses work. We believe business-owners aren’t able to make the best decisions without the best information. At our company, we manufacture equipment that lets employers drill down deeper and really understand how their business operates so they can improve it. Protect your investments and outmanoeuvre your competitors with our help.


When it comes to car tracking and personal GPS units, you can’t beat the team at Trakpro for quality, accuracy and cost. Even small and medium businesses can benefit from robust monitoring systems, so we provide state-of-the-art technology at affordable prices to ensure that every business can be a 21st century business.


Request an information pack for any of our products through our website, or get in touch with our knowledgeable team through our contact page. Call us directly at our Woodridge, Queensland location on +61 7 3209 4985 and get the answers you need today.




See what the Trakpro system is about. Not all tracking systems are created equal, see why Trakpro is a step above the rest.


Plug & Play Device

The GM550 is a tracker that can be installed by anyone in under 30 MORE

Our Services

Trakpro provides clients with an extensive fleet management system, that brings out the best in their companies.

We cover:

  • Fleet Management
  • Fleet Maintenance Systems
  • IVMS
  • Iphone & Android Tracking Apps
  • Online tracking via App
  • Monitor fuel levels
  • Fatigue management
  • FBT management


  • Thank you for your advice and support with the installation of a tracking system in one of our vehicles. Even though some problems arose you were very professional and worked through the issues with us until resolved. The tracking system is easy to use and we will be recommending both the product and yourself to others.

    Michael and Maria Sansom

    Electrical Results

  • We use the Trakpro system successfully to produce internal reports on how many security patrols operate in our body corporate zones over the course of a shift.

    Darren Bell

    Hope Island Resort

  • The Trakpro system has saved us considerable time, and gives us a complete picture of where our security staff are at all times. I wish we got the system sooner.

    Barry Hildebrand
    Chief of Security

    Sanctuary Cove

  • The new system is great! It’s effectively stopped company vehicles being driven for personal use, and average driver speed has dropped 20 KPH! When clients ring me I can tell them exactly where the nearest serviceman is and what time they’ll be there.

    Gil Shipman

    Alliance Plumbing



The GM70 is a GPS personal tracker for the elderly, children, patients and lone workers. read MORE