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Trustworthy GPS Tracking Devices by Australia’s Best


Sleep easier at night knowing you, your employees or your loved ones have an easy way to escape danger. When you need to give people a fast, effective escape from danger, Trakpro’s personal GPS tracking devices are a reliable and durable solution.


Our personal GPS trackers are perfect for Australian industries requiring employees to work in solitude or in small teams at enormous range. From firemen to park rangers to maritime workers, a wide and diverse range of businesses can benefit from having a dependable way to contact help.


Personal and professional carers for the elderly, children and people suffering from chronic illness will always know their patient can reach them when they most need them. In the event of falls, sudden danger or even people wandering off, carers can rely on our personal GPS trackers to see them through the crisis.


Our devices can report their location as frequently as every two minutes, minimising the chance of the carrier straying from their intended path or allows area. Many of our models even allow you to have a two-way communication through text messages with emergency responders or headquarters.


All the products we sell have been intelligently designed and manufactured for the highest standard of durability and user-friendliness. With large, colourful displays and easily-depressed buttons, seriously injured and infirm users can operate the devices and get themselves to safety. For the ultimate in personal traceability, rely on our equipment.

Personal, vehicle and fleet location made easy

Trakpro makes it easy to take care of the things that are important in your life. From valuable cargo on an expensive truck to the car you rely on every day for your commute, everything can be tracked and traced with our inexpensive and easily operated machinery. For car and fleet location equipment, browse our website.


To place an order or to find out more about our company or products, get in touch today. Contact our office in Brisbane by sending a message through our contact form to find out what’s best for you. Prefer to speak to our team directly? Call +61 7 3209 4985 today and find out how you could be living a safer, easier life.


CONTACT INFO: 12/170 North Road, Woodridge, QLD, Australia +617 3209 4985