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Products - Asset Tracking


vehicle GPS tracker Innovatively designed for intelligent monitoring of any moving cargo or vehicle, such as containers or boats, the line-powered SAT1200 is the number one choice for tracking asset locations. Not only is it capable of reporting back any unapproved movement of assets being tracked, but also provides vital feedback information on engine runtime and any major defects. Proving an invaluable tool to keep track of items during their transit, they can be used on just about anything- large containers, cargo deliveries and company vehicles are just a few of its many uses. All these features contribute to ensuring your company is cost-effective and in-the-know whenever it needs to be, about the location or status of any item you choose to protect.

As the SAT1200 device can either be plugged directly into an external power source or run on its own power, it is the ideal choice of asset tracker if there’s no where to plug it in, external power is interrupted or fails completely; the SAT1200 ensures that it continues transmission of crucial information by switching to its internal back-up power supply. When plugged in, the device utilises its maximum potential for the transmission of data, which allows for precise and frequent tracking of an asset’s location and status. The unit takes advantage of motion-sensing, GPS and other bespoke configured technologies to collect and emit all the information of an asset’s current and past status. Every SAT1200 we supply can be configured by the client to only track certain desired statuses of an asset, and can alert users by text or e-mail to any unwarranted actions concerning the item.

Features of the SAT1200
  • Hassle-free installation and we only supply quality brackets, mounts and adhesives.
  • It doesn’t need any harnesses, external power source or antenna.
  • Automatic notification when the asset changes location or moves outside of a determined boundary.
  • Uses less power and sends fewer satellite messages, reducing costs, when it stays in the same location for a specified amount of time.
  • Simple on/off hardware feature that enables the unit to re-centre its GPS.

At under 400 grams, the SAT1200 is the perfect device for tracking just about any assets. It requires four AA batteries or it can operate from an external power source up to 48V. The batteries last for well over 3 years, so you don’t have to keep buying and replacing them every few weeks or months. The smart device can function in a temperature range of around -30°C to +60°C. It should be noted that the device can still function at -40°C and up to 85°C, but the batteries will not last for as long as usual and the radio frequency signal will weaken. The unit has quality certifications from many standards testing departments and is a handy size at just 3.25” x 6.5” x 1”.