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Service Overview


Trakpro’s GPS devices and vehicle monitoring solutions have been chosen and put into service by businesses of all sizes around the world. Features we provide include precise geofencing and land-marking, two-way driver-dispatch communication and a variety of diagnostic tools for vehicles. Benefits of our GPS solutions include the ability to respond quickly to any schedule changes, improve the efficiency of your workforce, enhance security and improve all kinds of information sharing. Have a look around the site at our testimonials and other advantages of a Trakpro monitoring system for your business.


GPS tracker car

Here at Trakpro, we have completed thousands of device installations for our clients, and our experience of vehicle tracking technology and telematics is unmatched in the transportation industry. To stay a step ahead of the competition, businesses that specialise in transportation look for ‘intelligent fleet organisation solutions’ to combat issues such as increasing fuel prices, staffing costs, regulatory demands and security threats. Find out just how easy it can be to reduce fuel costs, costly vehicle maintenance and keep in line with any government vehicle regulations. On top of all this, your customers are more satisfied with the services you can now provide, and the overall productivity- and safety- of your staff and assets is vastly improved.

By combining Trakpro® vehicle tracking and efficient telematics solution, all crucial information about your fleet is collected in one place and able to view instantly- linking your back-office applications and any mobile resources. Businesses grow when they keep up with the constantly changing marketplace and customer needs. The flexibility and adaptability of a company, especially in the transport and logistics sector, are of vital importance. With so many new factors affecting how business is conducted such as quickly developing GPS technologies, tighter vehicle regulations and enhanced security risks, it’s imperative to keep one step ahead of the competition. Overcoming these new obstacles and changes is a day-to-day challenge for more and more carriers.


GPS fleet tracking

Trakpro® GPS products and services empower fleet operators by giving them the ability to supervise all aspects of a vehicle or assets movement and condition. As it’s all in real-time, you can immediately know anything you chose about a chosen vehicle and act accordingly with this knowledge. Any function of a vehicle can also be recorded and sent in real-time to the online service for instant viewing, vehicle feedback reporting or alerting; Reporting the activation of a bin lift, power take off and a panic button are just a few of Trakpro® GPS products many uses.

The corresponding software for Trakpro® GPS monitoring devices also gives a detailed vehicle history and accurate telemetry data. For example, it is possible to detect if a road sweeper has cleaned a particular area, as our devices can monitor exactly when and where the brushes were lowered.


Being in the business of fleet management and wireless tracking as long as we have, we understand the challenges and difficulties that affect a large number of government fleet organisations. National, state and local governments can benefit greatly from Trakpro® GPS fleet monitoring services and telematics results. Not only can they increase the security of both drivers and assets, but they save on costly vehicle maintenance and increase vehicle operation- get a handle on small problems before they develop into larger, more expensive ones. Trakpro® leading products make use of online vehicle tracking via GPS and telematics solutions, accessible from any internet-enabled PC, smartphone or tablet. Thanks to real-time data, such as location and status, being available to fleet operators they are able to quickly locate and track their chosen vehicle or mobile asset. We offer a variety of external equipment for our Trakpro® GPS devices that assist government organisations to be cost-effective in areas of maintenance and general operations practices- operating costs decrease whilst overall efficiency and productivity increase.