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Trakpro Devices and Telstra Coverage

The coverage and performance of the GPS device you’re using depends upon entirely what geographical location you are in, and the addition of an exterior antenna improves coverage speed greatly. The signal strength that is shown is made by utilising software that determines what the coverage will be like in that specific area. This information is usually accurate, but there may be some times where it shows a signal but the devices cannot function.

Trakpro GPS units employ similar signal carriers as mobile devices that are internet-enabled. The overall coverage a device will be able to receive is related to the physical location of it and also whether the device has multiple antennas or not.

As the information that Telstra provides on unit coverage is a likely one rather than exact, some areas may not have been tested for their individual signal qualities. Although the information is accurate enough for the majority of the time, there may be some areas where the unit shows coverage but will not function to it’s best ability, or may not work at all. This is not just a problem for GPS tracking, but for any wireless devices e.g. mobile phones when in a tunnel or elevator. Large physical structures such as mountains, trees, buildings all hinder the device’s ability to maintain a strong mobile signal. Rest assured that the device will pick up and connect to a signal whenever it is possible, and always optimises for the best signal strength.

The telecommunications company Telstra is always expanding it’s service areas and coverage of places that are known to have weak signals for GPS devices. A range of factors contribute to data speeds on Telstra networks:

  • The configuration of the device
  • How well exterior networks function e.g. the Internet
  • The strength of the unit’s signal
  • The variety of software applications used to connect.

For offshore tracking on assets like containers or ships, the coverage displayed does not take into account of external, unpredictable factors like weather at sea or sea conditions. In general, the higher the antenna is located above sea level the better performance. As a communication device, the mobile networks should not be relied upon at sea in case of emergency- a radio is necessary.

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