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Tracking Benefits

The unexpected benefits of GPS tracking
Trakpro makes your daily work easier - and your customers happier

Support tickets are answered within 4 hrs.

Trakrpo's service is designed to help entire organizations achieve greater productivity and success. Here are some of the benefits Trakpro provides for drivers that may not be obvious at first glance:

  • Elimination of time-consuming paperwork - Trakpro's detailed vehicle activity and specialized reports will, in many cases, eliminate the nuisance of cumbersome job and vehicle logs - and will also help document your compliance with Federal regulations and/or company policies.
  • Liability protection - Without some means of verifying vehicle location and activities, drivers are vulnerable to false accusations of unsafe driving or reckless, non-work related activity. Navtrak provides a layer of protection against such claims.
  • In-vehicle navigation - Most drivers today have a GPS device in their personal vehicles. With Trakpro (an authorised partner of Garmin™), you could have that same essential tool in your work vehicle to help you get your job done faster, safer and more conveniently. And because both turn-by-turn directions and job assignments can be accessed via your Garmin PND, your customer response times will improve exponentially as well.
  • Pain-free re-routing - Vehicle tracking and mapping will help dispatchers and supervisors easily locate and help re-route drivers that are lost or stuck in traffic, minimizing frustration, costly delays and/or missed jobs.
  • Job performance verification - Because Trakpro records the location and duration of all vehicle stops on a given day, you'll no longer need to make certain verifications, and the data collected may assist in completing job information and payroll preparation. The system saves you both time and aggravation.
  • Two-way text messaging - Communications in the field has long been an issue - but with Trakpro, vehicles and most heavy equipment are able to send text messages from vehicle to supervisor and back again, in just a few clicks. Whether you're experiencing delays or have a question about a job or delivery, Trakpro provides a simple and convenient way to communicate back and forth with the home office.
  • Quick Recovery - All the GPS devices we offer at Trakpro allow for vehicles and cargo to be found and retrieved quickly if they are ever stolen or misplaced. You can see where any tracking device is in less than a minute by using the online site or the Trakpro application GPS Tag. This information can then be shared with authorities to recover company or client property in no time at all.

"Once they got used to it, the drivers have been happy with the system. It saves them paperwork and time, and they like that. They know it's helping us to stay successful. Most of our guys had nothing to hide anyway, so it wasn't a problem for them. But the benefits, everyone receives."