Asset Tracking — Are Your Assets Protected?

By May 9, 2018 No Comments

When most people think of fleet tracking systems, they think of tracking service and delivery vehicles to ensure they are being used effectively. While this is an invaluable service that fleet tracking systems provide, it’s not the only one. Tracking systems can also track mobile assets, such as trailers, generators, large equipment and even inventory needed for delivery. From delivering items to customers, to the equipment your employees take on the road, you can know where your assets are at all times — ensuring that they are being used as you direct.

Benefits of GPS Asset Tracking Systems

Tracking your mobile assets provides several benefits to your company: First, you can limit unauthorized use of your business equipment. This allows you to limit the wear and tear that happens every time an asset is moved.

GPS asset tracking systems also helps protect against theft. For high-value assets, like the portable generator at a worksite or your front-end loader, theft from the job site is a high risk. In fact, mobile equipment is some of the most attractive to thieves, because it can be quick to steal and easy to re-sell. When you have a GPS tracker on those types of assets, you can better track them if they are stolen, increasing chances of recovery.

If you use GPS asset tracking systems to track cargo and deliveries, you can better determine an approximate arrival time, improving customer service. Companies that do not handle their deliveries or that have inventory transferred several times during the delivery process can use asset tracking to keep tabs on their cargo until it reaches the end buyer.

Finally, asset tracking lets you monitor how your mobile assets are being used. GPS tracking gives you exact location, while some systems even allow you to track hours of use for items like construction equipment and front-end loaders. This data allows you to better utilize your equipment to get the most use out of your assets.

Which Assets Should Be Tracked

Any type of mobile asset can be tracked, but some are more important to track than others. As you decide which assets are tracked, consider these factors:

First, consider how valuable an asset is. If a theft or excessive damage would leave a costly bill in your hands, then asset tracking systems can help. High-value assets, like equipment trailers, generators, construction equipment, skid loaders and similar on-site assets, need to be tracked and protected. You can also use asset tracking systems to track deliveries that are at high risk of theft or damage.

Next, determine the risk of theft or non-authorized use of the asset. Assets that are appealing to thieves or that are stored on unsecured job sites need to be monitored. Equipment that is often used by employees for personal reasons should also be tracked.

Asset tracking systems offer an affordable and effective solution. With the right tracking system, you can have peace of mind because you will know where your assets are, how they are performing, and who is using them — at all times. This, in turn, will make your company run more efficiently as you seek to deliver your products or services on time and on budget.