Better Fleet Visibility Improves Driver Behavior

By May 26, 2018 No Comments

For most fleets, drivers are good, hard-working people who are looking to make a decent living and go home to their families at the end of the day. Few drivers are out to make life more difficult for their companies. Yet, human nature means that drivers are going to give in to the temptation to take safety shortcuts or leave that truck idling while they run into the gas station, wasting precious fuel, from time to time. One way to help your drivers improve their driving behavior is to improve fleet visibility.

When you give yourself the tools to see into your fleet’s activities and the behavior of your drivers, you provide that measure of accountability that will help improve driver behavior. Fleet management is one of the tools necessary to give you that visibility and put a stop to drivers who are giving in to costly temptations.

Stop Unwanted Driving Behaviors

All drivers, even good, honest ones, could fall victim to temptation to behave in an unsafe or inefficient manner. Taking side trips in company vehicles, like stopping for a gallon of milk on the way back to the office, excessive idling and inefficient routing from one jobsite to the next can all drive up your fuel costs. Leaving the job five minutes early to enjoy more time at home, clocking hours when the worker was not on the jobsite, or tweaking the arrival and departure times can all be behaviors that cost you money and hurt your reputation. Unfortunately, if you don’t have eyes on your drivers, you won’t know when these actions happen.

How GPS Fleet Tracking Can Help

GPS driver tracking systems enable you to locate drivers in real time, even when they are away from you. With Track Your Truck’s fleet driver tracking systems, you can know details like where the vehicle is, how fast it is going, and what direction it is heading. This means you can confirm that the hours your drivers are recording, are in fact, the hours they were at the jobsite.

GPS tracking systems also give you insights into actions like excessive idling or unsafe driving, sending alerts when a problem arises. Interestingly, many companies find that the accountability of a tracking system puts a stop to these behaviors, because drivers know they will be accountable for their driving behavior. This encourages them to make better choices when they are in company vehicles.

Finally, fleet tracking gives you peace of mind. When you can look at your tracking interface and see at a moment’s notice where your drivers are and what they are doing, you can give accurate arrival estimates to clients while also knowing that your team is doing their jobs, and doing them well.