Big Box Retailers Are Using GPS Tracking To Keep Shelves Stocked

By February 27, 2018 No Comments

Big box retailers are known for providing a large variety of products — in mass quantities. People go to these stores to get everything on their lists in one stop, without having to visit multiple stores. To help meet that demand and keep those shelves well stocked, today’s big box stores are relying on real-time GPS tracking for their delivery fleets.

What Does GPS Tracking Do?

GPS fleet tracking provides real-time data about location, direction of travel and the speed of trucks in the company’s fleet. For retailers, this means they can know exactly where a product is, where it is headed and how fast it will get there.
With Trakpro, we provide clients with customized tracking solutions designed to meet their unique needs. You can choose from cellular, passive and satellite tracking, depending on your specific needs and location. Utilizing our standard system you can track speed, location of vehicles, and monitor driver behavior. The result is an accurate picture of how well your fleet is serving your stores, how responsible your drivers are in caring for your fleet and how safe they are on a daily basis.

Benefits of GPS Truck Tracking for Big Box Retailers

When you have a chain of “big box” stores, you have dozens of trucks going back and forth from your stores every day. These trucks carry products from distribution centers, to stores and sometimes back again. Truck tracking allows retailers to better organize their fleets — reducing wasted miles and improving the timeliness of deliveries. This helps ensure that you are not running two trucks to the same location, when it only takes one truck to deliver what is needed.

GPS Tracking with Trakpro allows you to monitor fleet safety. With real-time data on speed, driver behavior and driver identification, you can stop problem behaviors quickly and reduce speeding to lower the overall risk of an accident. In addition, monitoring driver habits can put a stop to inefficient driving practices, like excessive idling or unauthorized side trips that increase fuel consumption.

Our systems come with easy-to-use truck tracking software that will provide you with truck activity reporting, so you can get a clear picture of how your trucks are being used, maximizing fleet efficiency. Our software coordinates with Google Maps to provide advanced reporting that includes location information. Reports include both current and historical data to improve analysis of fleet operations. We have also integrated electronic logs so you can maintain compliance with the new FMCSA electronic logging mandate.