Business Asset Tracking — Why It’s Beneficial To Your Company

By December 28, 2017 No Comments

When companies think about GPS tracking solutions, they often consider the needs of their fleets. GPS asset tracking is an important element to help your business function more effectively as you work to streamline operations and increase business productivity.

What is GPS Asset Tracking?

Asset tracking using GPS technology allows your business to closely monitor business assets. This includes everything from valuable products being shipped to mobile assets — like generators and trailers — that get sent to the job site. This technology allows you to place a GPS tracking device on the asset, which will then deliver real-time information about the asset’s location to your computer or mobile device with the tracking software. This enables you to know, at all times, where your business’s most valuable and important items are.

Benefits of GPS Tracking for Assets

Asset tracking carries several distinct benefits for companies: First, you can know where your assets are at all times, even when they are not at your facility. For construction or shipping companies, this can be invaluable information, limiting lost equipment and preventing potential thefts.

GPS tracking for assets also helps minimize unauthorized or after-hours use of assets that may be tempting to workers, like on-site construction equipment. This, in turn, will reduce wear and tear on these items and give assets a longer working life. It may also lower fuel costs for assets requiring fuel.

For shipping companies, tracking assets gives the ability to know where assets are and when they are delivered. This can help eliminate frustration and confusion when customers claim an asset did not arrive on time. Using the GPS mapping software, you will be able to determine if this is true and, if it is, what may have caused the delay.

Bottom line? GPS tracking is not just for vehicles. Tracking solutions help all businesses that need to know that their assets are where they are supposed to be. If you have assets that leave your facility, consider the benefits of tracking those assets.