Checking under the Hood

By July 2, 2018 No Comments

Is your fleet of vehicles healthy? Your vehicles are important assets to your service business – second only to your customers. How do you ensure the proper maintenance of your fleet? If you’re a larger organization, you probably have a maintenance manager to take care of regularly scheduled checks on all your vehicles. Even then, it’s a full time job to ensure the health of your fleet.

If you’re a smaller business, you are probably wearing that hat along with the owner and fleet manager. How do you ensure your vehicles receive regular maintenance? You can put the responsibility on your drivers, but is it ultimately their responsibility? A GPS fleet tracking solution takes care of both scenarios, whether you have 500 trucks and vans or five.

With fleet tracking technology, you can track the maintenance of your fleet with a maintenance log report to ensure preventive maintenance is occurring consistently and on schedule. Drill down into more detailed information with the maintenance schedule detail report. The point? You will know you are on top of the situation and will avoid costly breakdowns and repairs and a GPS fleet management solution can help you do it.