Delivering Better Customer Service With GPS Tracking

By February 27, 2018 No Comments

When you are running a business, your customers are your most powerful advertising tool. Customers who are happy with the service or product they receive will talk about it, sharing your name with others who also need a similar product or service. That’s free advertising, and this is why customer service should be such a high priority. For businesses that rely on drivers to deliver service or products to customers, GPS vehicle tracking programs can be one of the best tools to use to improve customer service. If you are not using them, then you are missing out on improved customer service and all its benefits.

Improve Customer Service Through Better Response, Arrival and Delivery Times

When you give a customer a three-hour arrival window, much of the customer’s day is left waiting for your technician to arrive. GPS tracking devices allow you to better estimate arrival times, so customers don’t have to put up with unnecessary waiting. When you know where your drivers are at all times, and what the traffic looks like around them, you can give your customers a more precise estimate. If a driver faces an unexpected delay, you will have the tools needed to make a quick phone call to alert the customer of the problem.

In addition, GPS tracking lets you efficiently dispatch your drivers when someone calls for emergency service. Reducing response times in this way will increase your customer service significantly. The faster you can respond and fix the problem for your customer, the happier your customer will be with the service you are able to provide.

If you deliver products instead of services, you can also benefit from GPS tracking devices. Faster deliveries that arrive on time in an efficient manner will make your customers happier with the service you provide, and you can use your fleet tracking system to monitor your delivery drivers effectively.

Proactively Identify and Deal With Potential Problems

When your employees are in the field dealing with customers, you have no way of knowing what is happening. If an employee is experiencing a problem with a customer, your fleet tracking system may clue you in by indicating an unexpected delay at a location. This, in turn, allows you to proactively make a call to see what is wrong, and potentially improve a situation that could have been detrimental to your customer service.

Use Fleet Tracking to Protect Your Brand’s Reputation

In addition, you can improve your customer service by keeping your company’s brand image protected. When drivers are driving in marked company vehicles, you need a way to monitor them to ensure they are behaving in a way that does not dishonor your business’s reputation. Today’s GPS fleet tracking systems help you to identify unsafe driver behaviors, such as harsh braking, speeding and inappropriate acceleration, so you can put a stop to it.