Enforcing Fleet Policy

By October 18, 2017 No Comments

Enforcing Fleet Policy because your most expensive assets are your fleet of vehicles. And while you may have a company policy in place regarding your vehicles, do your employees adhere to it? And it goes beyond the regular maintenance checks that a GPS fleet tracking solution can proactively manage for you. While the health of your vehicles is a major concern, so is the condition in which the vehicles are in.

Do you have employees that smoke in a company vehicle even though it’s forbidden? These seemingly little things add up when you try to remarket your vehicles. And the only way you can prevent a vehicle in poor condition is to enforce your fleet policy. Hold meetings regarding behavior and set up incentives to meet them.

Another factor of the remarket value of your vehicles is overall mileage on the vehicle. Protect your investment and use a GPS fleet tracking platform to ensure you are providing the most efficient routes and eliminate unauthorized vehicles use.