GM110T4G GPS Tracker
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GM110T 4G Device

GM110T4G gets you a step ahead with 4G capabilities and better tracking, ideal for fleet tracking and management. Utilizing cutting-edge GPS technology, the GM110T 4G GPS Tracking Devices features not only traditional tracking functions as tele-cutoff petrol, geo-fence, SOS alarm, overspeed alert, but optional digital outputs for door detection, vehicle pinpoint by audio-visual alert, external power voltage etc.

Key Features
  • Accelerometer Sensors
  • Immobilisation Option(s)
  • Ignition Detection
  • External Power Voltage Reading
  • Only 77 x 62 x 19 mm (L x W x H) in size
  • GSM/GPRS/4G LTE Technology
fleet management
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Highly cost effective and versatile vehicle tracking device mainly used in Fleet Management and Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) operations.

Key Features
  • Quad band GSM/GPRS modem
  • GPS/GLONASS 99 channel location module
  • Dual band 850/1900 or 900/1800/2100 modem (Tracker3G)
  • Embedded cellular/GPS antennas
  • 2 com ports, enabling the use of ERM’s wide range of accessories
  • Internal backup battery
  • Text alerts
  • Backup battery
  • Self-tracking mode
  • Enhanced battery management
  • Compact size for quick and easy installation
  • Home/Roaming management
  • Geo-Fence management and alert
  • Remote immobilizing capabilities
  • Configurable speed alert
  • Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) update
  • Built-in data logger
  • GSM/GPRS jamming detection with text alerts
  • Vehicle battery diagnostic: charge, voltage and life (i.e.: SoH)
  • Vehicle starter diagnostic: start time and grading
  • Alert feature
  • Panic button
  • Keep-alive mechanism
fleet management t371
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GM550 is the latest OBD II GPS Tracker supporting 3G WCDMA, it’s built-in Telit xE910 family cell module which provided by the most professional M2M wireless solutions product service in the world-Telit, which can support from 2G to 4G including GSM/WCDMA/CDMA global network coverage, there’s not regional restrictions for product application.

The GM550 also with internal u-blox MAX-7 GNSS module to support GPS and GLONASS, with the 25mm*25mm high gain active antenna and the Assist now AGPS function to ensure the device can fast time positioning even so the T371 is installed in the most hidden place of the vehicle.

It’s built-in On-board Diagnostics and SAE J1939 CANBUS function can obtain the on-board data such as RPM, SPD, ECT, Fuel level and Fuel consumption etc from the vehicle in real-time. It’s in-time monitoring of Diagnostic Trouble Code(DTC), OBD II parameter and alarm. It’s equipped with 3D acceleration enable to set in real-time detection of the motion and the 8 type of driving behavior, able to make an effective analysis for the bad driving behavior of the driver and the fuel consumption, including to provide the improvement suggestions.

The GM550 has an immobilizer(engine cut off) for anti-theft. So the GM550 is used a wide variety of Fleet Management, Insurance & rental, Roadside Assistance, Driver Behavior Monitoring, Safety & Security etc.

Key Features
  • OBD connectivity, simple to install, easy to use.
  • Internal Telit xE910 family modem, supports 2G/3G/4G network.
  • U-blox MAX-7 GPS module with A-GPS.
  • Internal GSM/WCDMA and GPS antenna.
  • Internal Immobilizer for anti-theft.
  • Internal 3-axis accelerometer.
  • Supports all OBD protocols.
  • Supports SAE J1939 CANBUS.
  • Support SAE J1708/J1587 protocol.
  • 8 types driver behavior detect.
  • Tracking by time, distance, course and status.
  • Geo-fence(Circle, Rectangular and Polygon).
  • FOTA(Firmware updating via GPRS/WCDMA from FTP server).
  • Auto APN identification.
  • Auto time zone identification.