GPS Tracker for Bikes

By October 12, 2017 No Comments

A lot is already said about the importance of having a GPS Tracker installed in your vehicle, it not only helps in monitoring the movement but also act as an effective anti-theft mechanism. There exist many systems that work perfectly fine when installed in a Car, or any four wheeler or two – wheeler. But, be cautioned most of these systems are not designed for use in Bikes.

A Central Locking Mechanism:-

Importantly, the GPS Tracker should consume low power to prevent excessive battery drain, should have a long standby time, and preferably no power use when the ignition is off. And above all should be a cost effective solution.

Trakpro introduces a system that is perfectly suited for Bikes/ Two Wheelers :-

  • It is completely waterproof
  • It is a compact unit with built-in antennas (GPS & GSM)
  • It has a precise GPS module with high sensitivity
  • It consumes low power, and can be configured to consume no power when ignition is off
  • It comes with a Shake Sensor Alarm, with configurable sensitivity
  • It comes with a latch immobilizer, to immobilize the vehicle and prevent engine start unless authorized
  • It comes with a Siren Alarm System, that goes off if movement is detected in Armed State
  • And, it is simple to install and use

Once the unit is armed, any attempt to start the vehicle raises “Illegal Engine Start alarm Attempt” and it also sends SMS alerts to preconfigured numbers and get alerts on events of towing & impact/Shake.