GPS Tracking Technology and Advanced Mapping Software

By May 9, 2018 No Comments

Investing in GPS fleet tracking is a wise idea for the modern fleet looking to run as efficiently as possible. Adding GPS mapping software to the fleet tracking program will make it even more efficient and effective. GPS mapping software is the perfect for tool for managing a modern business fleet. complement to fleet management software, and having both in place makes the ideal management plan for the modern business fleet.

Know Where Your Vehicles Are in Real Time

GPS mapping lets you know where your vehicles are in real time. With a clear picture of your service area and each vehicle’s location, you can quickly dispatch the closest service provider when a customer calls. When you can see where your employees are at all times, you can keep them accountable for how they use their vehicles.

Advanced Mapping Puts More Information in Your Hands

Most GPS fleet tracking programs come with some sort of mapping system, but the best programs are those with advanced mapping technology. Advanced mapping shows exact locations along with routes, estimated arrival times and departure times. This more detailed software ensures that you are using your fleet effectively, giving you an instant picture of where your vehicles are and what they are doing.

Advanced digital mapping also goes beyond simply displaying where your vehicles are. The right GPS mapping software will provide traffic updates in real time, so you can route drivers through the most efficient routes, even with variable traffic patterns. You can also use satellite mapping to get a view of the terrain, which can be helpful in off-road applications.

Take Tracking Applications on the Go

One of the drawbacks of some fleet management software programs is the lack of flexibility. While they allow unprecedented control and the ability to manage your vehicles effectively from one central computer, they do require you to be on the computer. Newer fleet management systems with GPS mapping provide access to mobile apps that let you take the information and data collected through the system on the go and in the field. This means you can manage your vehicles without being tied to the office. In today’s business world where managers are regularly in the field, this is an invaluable addition.