How Boat Rental Companies Save Money with GPS Tracking

By November 26, 2017 No Comments

Fleet tracking is often discussed as a benefit for fleets of vehicles, but for those that own a fleet of rental boats or other watercraft, fleet tracking can provide an additional benefit. Like land vehicles, watercraft needs to be tracked, and the right fleet tracking system can make that easier, and help your boat fleet save money.

Know Real-Time Locations for Watercraft

When your boats are on the water, do you really know where they are? GPS-based fleet tracking ensures that you do, with real-time updates of locations whenever the boat is on the water. This can help save money by allowing you to utilize the assets that are nearest at hand when you need a boat. It can also help improve customer service, because you can tell a waiting customer exactly how far the boat is, so you provide more accurate wait-time estimates. Knowing your boats’ location can reduce fuel costs by helping you direct the boat efficiently to port.

Reduce Risk of Theft

Unfortunately, rental boats are at a high risk of theft. GPS fleet tracking can help reduce the risk of boat theft, and increase the chances of recovering a lost or stolen boat. When you know where your boats are at all times, you can more easily recover one when it is not in your care. This reduced risk can translate into lowered insurance costs, which will save you money.

Improve Maintenance Routines

Boats, like cars, need proper maintenance to remain in good repair. Maintaining your boats properly reduces wear and tear and can increase the lifespan of each boat, thus lowering your overall costs by cutting down the number of replacements you have to make. Fleet tracking can alert you to maintenance needs, so you do not forget to bring a particular boat for its routine maintenance checks.