How is One Mobile App Making a Big Difference in Field Service?

By December 25, 2017 No Comments

In the field service industry, heavy competition and complex processes have led many companies to revise strategies and adopt solutions. GPS fleet tracking allows field service businesses to simplify day-to-day processes and operate with maximum efficiency. Beyond basic track-and-trace functionality, there are features designed to help improve virtually every area of operations.

One of the more recent developments in fleet tracking is a mobile app designed for effective communication between the office and field. Managers can access important fleet data and stay informed without constant back and forth phone calls. This mobile app provides the tools necessary to efficiently manage a mobile workforce and keep everyone connected.

Here are 3 mobile app features making a difference in field service management:

  • Time and Attendance: Workers can record start times, break times and end work times from their smartphones or tablets. This is especially ideal for companies with employees that don’t “check in” every day. This feature also allows fleet managers to run attendance reports on individuals or an entire workforce, helping to validate payroll hours.
  • Job Information and Schedules: Employees can use this app to view the specifics of a job so they can work more efficiently and improve the customer experience. Managers can quickly and easily send detailed job information to employees and view jobs and customer information on a map or in list form. Employees can also update job status changes in real time and send them directly to the office, keeping everyone informed.
  • Vehicle Information: Employees can record vehicle problems and maintenance issues as they occur, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. Employees can also automatically assign themselves to vehicles and update odometer readings. Fleet managers have access to data regarding vehicles and employees so they can address any issues promptly.