Importance of School Bus GPS Tracking

By April 22, 2018 No Comments

School bus companies have a responsibility to keep their passengers safe and parents updated about delays that keep their children from getting home on time. GPS school bus tracking can assist with both of these. With the right tracking system, a school bus dispatcher can have up-to-date information about bus location, driver actions and vehicle performance, assisting with a wide range of needs. Here are some reasons why school bus GPS tracking is a necessity for today’s school transportation companies.

Increased Student Safety

When parents let their children climb on board the school bus, they are trusting the driver and the routing dispatcher with their very heart. Parents want to know that all precautions to ensure their child’s safety are being met. GPS fleet tracking improves safety of the fleet of buses, while providing parents with peace of mind. With modern fleet tracking systems, you can ensure that parents know where their children are and why delays occur. If a parent calls in to the bus dispatcher they can now be updated with more reliable arrival times, so they will not be worried when there are delays.

Improved Budgets

School districts across the country are struggling with their budgets. Finding places to save money will help free funds for better student services. Bus tracking can help lessen wasted funds used for unnecessary fuel and maintenance costs. Fleet tracking helps improve route efficiency, decrease unnecessary idling time and reduce wasted miles driven, which all combine to lower fuel costs. It also offers the option to monitor vehicle performance and maintenance needs, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Better Driver Safety

How safe are your school bus drivers? With school bus fleet tracking, you can provide a measure of accountability for your drivers, not only for their whereabouts, but also for their driving behavior. Now you can monitor if a driver is harsh accelerating, turning or braking which indicates that corrective action must be taken with this driver prior to any major incident. You can also monitor reckless speeds, detours off the required route and unacceptable stops, all of which put the driver and students at risk. The right GPS school bus tracking system will help you monitor these types of behaviors.

More Efficient Record Keeping

Detailed record keeping is essential to proving that allocated funds are used properly, but tracking data about vehicles is not as easy as it may seem. One of the key benefits of fleet tracking is the comprehensive data these systems collect. With the right software, mileage, driver behavior and other key factors are automatically recorded by the GPS system, so you no longer have to rely on drivers and paper log books to ensure that you get the data needed. Automatic tracking also improves the accuracy of the data you receive. When you need to deliver a report to a budget committee, simply print the necessary data and send it the committee.