Install the Trakpro software and get an unbeatable advantage

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Install Trakpro software that delivers the best results

GPS Navigation

Important from the perspective of drivers and is a great asset for those navigating unknown stretches of roads during the day and night. It tells users the shortest distance between two points and alerts about any diversions on the way as it is directly connected to a satellite.

Fuel consumption

By offering periodic reports about the distance travelled and fuel consumed, it can be determined whether the multi-point fuel injection system is working properly or not. Often such problems can be taken care of when the vehicle is serviced. Gear oil and brake oil volume is also reported.

Bad driving

This can be dealt effectively, since over-speeding alerts are sent to the system immediately. Speed guage are installed in all tracking devices and this does not permit the vehicle to cross a particular speed limit at any time.

Regulatory issues

Such vehicle tracking systems can also detect whether the speed guageis working properly or not and the amount of rest taken by the driver at one time. The vehicle may be in operation for the whole day but each driver should be resting after a certain amount of hours driving or else drowsiness may set in due to fatigue and it will slow down reaction time and lead to fatal accidents.

Works on diverse vehicles

One license per registered user is enough to track all vehicles in your fleet be it boats, cars, trucks, taxis, buses or luxury coaches.