We have designed Trakpro’s interface to be user friendly and easy to use. Each option is easily accessible through our menu options and our interface can be customised to suit your requirements.

logistics applications

Businesses all over the world strive for process automation. For those awaiting Gurtam came up with Logistics.

track player applications
Track Player

Seeing once is better than hearing twice. Track Player is designed to visualize the movements of one or several vehicles of your fleet.

dashboard applications

Wishing for all the relevant KPIs in one place – now you got it! Dashboard is designed to visualize the key performance indicators and customize them.

chatterbox applications

When it comes to delivery and logistics, communication between the office and the field shouldn’t be underestimated.

eco driving applications
Eco Driving

Eco Driving module is intended to improve fleet safety, ensure cost-effective fleet maintenance, reduce fuel costs and enhance cargo safety.

idrivesafe applications

Some say that the engine is a heart of a vehicle, while the driver keeps the heart beating. Driving style is what mostly impacts safety.

driving logbook applications
Driving Logbook

Whenever employees do not understand the notion of company car and use the vehicle for private purposes, Driving Logbook comes into place.

maps applications

Having created a proprietary GIS service and offering high-quality address database we were aimed at more accessible search of route points.

sensolator applications

Trakpro allows to add any number of sensors to track various aspects of unit activity. Sensolator provides for handy monitoring of counter