Remarketing Your Vehicles: What You Need To Know

By October 12, 2017 No Comments

Anyone with a service fleet understands that at some point they are going to have to replace service vehicles with newer models to ensure overall fleet productivity. And whether you sell them to a buyer or an employee, the value of the vehicle often depends on the condition of that vehicle.

Preventive maintenance (PM) can go a long way in helping you get the most value from your vehicles. By automating your maintenance schedule, you can ensure that your vehicles are getting the proper care to run efficiently and , more importantly, prolong the life of your vehicles, increasing resell value.

If you are manually trying to keep tabs on all of your service vehicles, regular maintenance such as oil changes and tire rotations can slip through the cracks. A GPS fleet tracking solution with a comprehensive maintenance module can help prevent lost productivity caused by breakdowns or expensive repairs.

What to look for? Look for a solution that can help you automate preventive maintenance. Whether it’s entering in odometer numbers to schedule an oil change or logging a vehicle problem, you can take a proactive approach to a vehicle’s condition. This allows for greater productivity, reducing carbon emissions and increasing fuel efficiency.

So when it’s time to sell a vehicle, make sure that you’ve done everything you can to get the ROI on that asset.