Where and How can I view my fleet

You can view your fleet/assets or people via any Internet accessible PC or IOS system via our web portal – locate.trakpro.com.au, alternatively via Itunes or Google playstore, you can download our free APP TRAKPRO PLUS, which will also allow you access to view.

Is there a difference between using the APP or logging into the web portal?

Yes, upon creating the notification based on the event type, you can receive these notifications via email or SMS. There is a limit of SMS notifications per user, so our team can provide good insight into how to setup notifications accordingly.

Can I receive notifications to my phone?

Yes, the APP (Trakpro Plus) has been designed to be quickly loaded on any device where you have internet connection, it is designed to provide basic aspects of tracking and monitoring your people,assets and fleet without using alot of bandwidth to access. The APP allows you to see the previous trips and basic data about the current status it also allows you to send vital commands like – Enable or disable the engine.

The web portal gives you total freedom to access all features of the platform.

I cannot login, I have forgotten my credentials?

Please send an email to support@trakpro.com.au or helpdesk@trakpro.com.au with your details and what account you are trying to access, alternatively you can reach our offices and a team member will be able to help you reset your password or gain access to your accounts. Our office numbers are located in the CONTACT US page of our website.

I am not sure how to setup my platform or have forgotten how to edit the details?

Our team of online support technicians are on standby to ensure you get the most out of the platform, you can reach the team:

How fast can I update the location and status of my assets, people or fleet?

Trakpro’s LIVE plan allows for updates every 60 seconds, for a faster status update, there is an option to update as fast as 30 seconds, this will need to be discussed with one of our team members as there is a difference in costs.