Tips To Keep in Mind while Driving In the Fog

By September 13, 2017 No Comments

I think you all will agree that fog is the scariest thing to drive in, especially when you are not used to it. If you live in the coldest parts of the country, then you ought to experience the issues concerning foggy weather. Fog may appear either in the early hours of a day or during dusk. Fog can make a complete stretch of path vanish in mere seconds. To drive safely in fog, it is advised to change your driving pattern and slow down a little to avoid any tragedy.

Preplan Your Route

If your are about to drive in the fog, it is strongly recommended to plan your route before starting the journey. Even if you are taking that route for many years, it may appear completely different on a foggy day. If you have GPS installed in your car, make use of it to know for different less fog intense routes. Keep an eye on the weather forecast before you begin your trip.

Use low-beam Headlights

When you experience difficulty seeing through your windscreen while driving, a driver’s natural instinct is to turn on the high-beam headlights. This instead of working in your favor, makes the situation even worse, because high-beam illumination reflects off of the fog and back at your vehicle.

Use Driving or Fog Lights

Many vehicles are equipped with driving lights or fog lights at the factory. These driving and fog lights are generally positioned low, in or below the front bumper. They are designed in such a fashion so as to aim down towards the ground out in front as far as possible.

But there are minor differences in the styling and functioning of driving and fog lights. The fog light beams are usually wide and flat pattern. Flat to stay close to the road surface and minimize reflection back by fog – and expanded to better illuminate the sides of the roadway. Driving lights are bright spot lights designed to pierce the night darkness.

Use the right edge of the road to guide yourself: One way to make sure you are safe and secure. While driving in the fog is to use right-side painted line of the road as a guide. Do not use centre road white lines as an indication, because doing so will guide you to move closer to oncoming vehicles, which are also driven by people experiencing trouble seeing where they are heading.

Don’t Drift

Drivers tend to drift in the middle of the road when their visibility is restricted. Avoid doing that and keep yourself in your lane.

Simply follow these above tips and you are good to drive on a foggy weather.