Top 5 Benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking For Utility Companies

By December 28, 2017 No Comments

How efficient is your utility company’s fleet? Are your customers complaining about late arriving drivers? Are your fuel costs constantly increasing? One way to eliminate some of these challenges is with GPS fleet tracking systems. Here are five ways that fleet tracking can benefit your company:

1. Decreased Fuel Consumption

The primary monetary benefit of fleet tracking is reduced fuel consumption. In fact, utility companies can reduce fuel usage by as much as 30 percent simply by utilizing fleet tracking platforms effectively to deploy resources efficiently and reduce fuel-consuming driver behaviors. When you know where your vehicles are and how they are being used, you are able to advise drivers on better behaviors that will moderate fuel costs.

2. Reduced Overtime

Are your drivers and employees clocking in more overtime than you have budgeted for? Fleet tracking can help decrease overtime for drivers and mobile employees. When you have a way to track where they are, you can keep your team accountable, and ensure that they are working efficiently to reduce overtime. The accountability alone will help minimize inflated overtime expenses.

3. Improve Driver Safety

Your utility company’s reputation is at risk every time one of your drivers hits the road. Fleet tracking has been proven to improve driver safety because of the accountability it provides. All it takes is one accident involving a utility vehicle to ruin your reputation, particularly if unsafe driving was the cause. Fleet tracking, which implements driver scoring and draws attention to unsafe behaviors, will help you improve fleet safety.

4. Better Customer Service

When your customer’s is having an outage, you need to respond quickly. Sending the closest vehicle during an outage will enhance customer service. With fleet tracking, you can also quickly alert your customers to the estimated time of service restoration, improving customer satisfaction.

5. Lower Insurance Costs

Insurance companies often reduce the premiums for their fleet customers when GPS fleet tracking is installed. Better driver behavior and a reduced risk of loss due to theft makes the fleet less risky for the insurance provider, resulting in reduced premiums. A reduction of as much as 15 percent is possible for your utility company simply by adding a fleet tracking program.