Top Fleet Management Software Feature: Driver ID

By May 9, 2018 No Comments

Trakpro offers comprehensive, scalable GPS vehicle tracking options that are designed specifically to meet the needs of small and medium size businesses. One of the features of our fleet management system is Dallas Driver ID. Dallas driver ID allows you to identify the driver of a specified vehicle on any given day. Driver ID is optional and can be included in your system for a nominal cost, providing you more control.

What Is the Driver ID System?

The Driver ID system identifies the driver of any vehicle in your fleet using a unique key fob monitoring system. In fleets where multiple drivers have access to a particular vehicle, this provides fleet management useful information by which they can increase the accountability of their workforce.

With this add-on, each of your drivers will receive a unique Dallas key that they must touch to a key reader to silence a notification buzzer. This logs the driver’s name into the system as the one driving that vehicle when it leaves your facility. Should the driver switch to another vehicle, the system will record the change providing you a comprehensive view of your driver’s actions.

Improve Fleet Productivity and Safety with Increased Accountability

Ultimately your goal, when investing in fleet management software, is to increase the productivity of your fleet. Driver ID plays a critical role in ensuring the accountability necessary to make improvements in productivity. Knowing who is driving each of your vehicles on any given day allows you to take the necessary corrective action that can only lead to greater efficiency and improved service.

For example, if your fleet tracking system shows that one of your drivers is routinely idling excessively, instead of addressing the entire team, you can pull that driver aside and help educate him about the increased costs of excessive idling. If one of your drivers is speeding or taking less efficient routes to their final destination, you can help educate that driver about the costs of such unsafe or unproductive behavior.

Because your drivers know their activities are tracked and measured, they will be less likely to engage in reckless or unproductive behavior and more likely to follow best practices. Increased responsibility leads to increased productivity.

Verify Start and End of Day and Timesheet Reports

Drivers can intentionally or accidentally fail to properly log their work hours when filling out their timesheets. False overtime claims can drive up your operating expenses and decrease your fleet efficiency. Driver ID ensures that time keeping is simple and accurate saving the company time and money.