Using Customer Feedback to Better Your Business

By April 11, 2018 No Comments

If you can’t tag along with your employees to every service appointment, how can you be sure they are delivering exceptional service?

Ask your customers.

Customer feedback can be very valuable to your business because it helps you to see where you’re succeeding and where you need improvement. For instance, if you notice multiple comments regarding late arrival times, then you know that’s an issue that needs to be addressed immediately. Utilizing customer feedback and making suggested changes and tweaks not only helps to improve service for future customers, but it shows current customers that you truly value their opinions.

Here are 4 simple ways to get customer feedback:

  • Surveys: Surveys can be very effective in getting customer feedback. You can even add incentives to get your customers to fill out the surveys, such as discounts or special offers.
  • Social Networks: Consumers tend to be very vocal on social networking sites. By simply posting a question or poll on Facebook or Twitter, you can find out what people really think about your products and services.
  • Face-to-Face: Do your field employees interact with your customers face-to-face? If so, they probably have some valuable information they could share. Ask them what some common customer questions are.
  • Testimonials: Contact customers after a service order has been completed and get their feedback. Testimonials are a great way to gather honest feedback. Consumers often use this information to determine whether or not to request services from a specific company.

Along with customer feedback, you can use GPS fleet tracking technology to help improve your customer service levels. It allows you to monitor vehicle and driver location, so you can ensure your employees are getting to their scheduled appointments throughout the day. Not only that, but you can provide your drivers with efficient routes, so they can get to jobs quicker. When you provide your customers with accurate ETAs, they will view your business as reliable.