Why Fleet Vehicle Tracking Is Good For Employees

By December 25, 2017 No Comments

For many fleet managers and owners, fleet tracking is an obvious choice. It’s easy to see why fleet tracking makes sense from a business perspective, with lowered costs and reduced fuel usage. Yet employees need to be on board with fleet tracking. For it to be a true benefit and asset to the company. The good news is that fleet tracking can be a positive experience from the employee’s perspective as well as the business owner’s perspective, when it is introduced well.

Fleet Tracking Rewards Good Behavior

Most of your employees want to be rewarded for safe and efficient driving behavior. Yet when they leave with your vehicle, you are not aware of that behavior. With fleet tracking, you are made aware and can offer good driving incentives that can make your workplace a positive one.

Fleet Tracking Protects Honest Employees

When your customer calls saying your employee was 30 minutes late, and your employee states that he was not, who do you believe? GPS vehicle tracking tells you exactly who was right. If a customer tells you that a particular service was not delivered, but your employee states that it was, GPS vehicle tracking can assist in helping you determine who was right. For honest employees who work hard for your company, fleet tracking protects them from potential dishonest customers who are looking for a deal.

Fleet Tracking Limits Frustration on the Road

No one wants to get stuck in traffic or end up late to a job because of construction. Fleet tracking provides you with real-time traffic information you can use to route drivers around these types of delays and choose the most efficient way to get to and from the next job. This limits frustration for drivers and helps them complete more jobs. Which in some businesses puts more money in their pockets.

Fleet Tracking Provides Job Security

In an indirect way, fleet tracking provides job security. When used well, fleet tracking helps lower costs and risk for the business. This, in turn, helps the business run more effectively and make a bigger profit. Both of which combine to make it an efficient business.