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Experience Unparalleled Fleet Management Capabilities with TrakPro: Explore a Wide Range of Advanced Tracking and Telematics Features to Streamline Operations, Improve Safety, and Boost Efficiency!

Driver Behavior

Enhance safety and efficiency with TrakPro’s driver behavior monitoring, providing real-time insights for improved decision-making.

Engine Immobilisation

Ensure security and prevent unauthorized use with TrakPro’s engine immobilization feature, remotely controlling engine access.


Efficiently manage fleets with TrakPro’s geofencing, setting virtual boundaries and receiving alerts for unauthorized movements.

Live Location Tracing

Stay informed with TrakPro’s live tracking, providing real-time vehicle locations and statuses for efficient fleet management.

Customised reports

Gain valuable insights with TrakPro’s customized reports, tailoring data to your specific needs for informed decision-making.

Track Analytics

Optimize operations with our comprehensive dashboard analytics, use historical data to identify trends and enhance performance.

Real-Time Updates

Stay connected with real-time updates, receiving instant notifications on vehicle status changes for proactive management.

Vehicle Maintenance Record

Effortlessly manage your fleet’s maintenance schedule and history. Stay ahead of tasks, reduce downtime, and extend vehicle lifespan.

Connect with Trakpro

Whether You Have Questions About Our Tracking and Telematics Solutions, Need Assistance with Implementation, or Want to Explore Customized Options for Your Fleet, Our Team Is Ready to Assist.

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